North Carolina Diving / USS Spar, U-352, and Aeolus

Moorehead City is a great diving destination. I don’t have a lot of diving notes but plenty of photos.

The wrecks are huge so you don’t feel claustrophobic. I dove several, but the only wrecks I can identify with my photos are the Spar, Aeolis, and U-352.

The USS Spar was a Coast Guard vessel which now rests at 110 feet. I think those are sand sharks.

USS Spar

But the highlight of the trip is U-352, a German sub which was sunk on May 9, 1942. It sits at 115 feet.

It’s often difficult to get good photos of U-352 since its especially cloudy, but I did get these nice videos.

Last but not least is the wreck of the Aeolus, a cable line layer which rests at around 120 feet. No real notes or other photos for this one.