Bluestone Vineyard

Very nice visit to a vineyard that has one of the nicest views I’ve seen in a while. Bluestone makes 5000 cases/year, and has about 18 acres of vines, plus they lease some vineyards and get grapes from elsewhere. So…not a big producer, but not a nano-producer by any means.

I didn’t get the backstory of the vineyard, but it was easy to tell why they picked this location. The hillside is very scenic, especially with the gorgeous home on top. The tasting room is small (actually in the owner’s basement…but a wonderful basement!), but that should change once the new tasting room is ready (which, sadly, is at the bottom of the hill).

Several tasting options are available; I did the Reserve Reds. What struck me was how well aged the reds are; all were 2013 or 2014 vintages. Not only that, but Bluestone tends to keep their reds in barrel longer than most places, at around 20 months. This is my style of red!

What I tried:

2015 Wilton White (Viognier): Fermented in acacia wood. Amazing woody nose that reminded me of a Chardonnay with a long time in new French Oak. I was shocked to learn this was a Viognier; nearly everywhere else, they tend to have an overpowering honeysuckle nose. But the nose was wonderful and the wine was very soft. Best Viognier I’ve had in a while!

2015 Petit Manseng: The nose was sugary but the palate was not. Tropical fruit notes, and I suspect high acid.

2015 Chambourcin: Fruity; not bad but not a repeat for me.

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon: Very red fruit forward.

2013 Houndstooth red blend: Smokey, with a black cherry finish. Nice.

2014 Petit Verdot: Some bite but not overwhelming, like some PVs can be.

2013 Cadenza (red blend): The word is a musical term for improvisation, the wine maker changes this blend up all the time, so this blend could be dramatically different next year. It was bold up front but the red fruit came out at the end.

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