Great Frogs Winery

Great Frogs is a place I’d had my eye on for a while before I visited. While it’s a legit vineyard, it has a very urban feel to it since it’s literally right outside Annapolis. At over $30 a tasting (online bookings only), I figured it would deliver a different experience than most.

My guests and I were quickly greeted upon our arrival with a seat at the bar. 6 x wines were served, along with small snacks. The tasting room was on the small side, but given it was delivering a more personalized tasting event I don’t see why it needed to be any bigger than it was.

Their wines are mostly if not entirely estate, with 15 x acres under vine (both on this property and others).  While the grapes were the same Bordeaux or hybrid grapes that I’ve been long accustomed to, I was genuinely surprised by what they did with them. Some were very unique blends; others had tasting profiles I never would have expected. Definitely worth a revisit.

What I tried

  • Chardonnay: Toasty, with salted caramel notes. Very nice Chard that I’d happily try again.
  • “Tanyard”: A Vidal/Chambourcin combo that sorta reminded me of rose but wasn’t rose. Fuller bodied than I would have given it credit for.
  • Cab Franc: Some spice but still smooth.
  • Vintner’s Reserve: Bolder red but with a good vanilla nose. Spice and pomegranate notes.
  • Cold Blooded: Made in Minnesota Oak. Earthy nose and on the palate.
  • Atomic 29: Reminded me of cherry soda (in a good way)

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