Three Sisters of Shiney Rock Winery

Three Sisters is Virginia’s most Southern winery – in geography and character. Once you experience their hospitality, you’d understand why I make that later statement.

Susan – one of the “Three Sisters” – was my wine pourer. She explained how the extended family were long-time tobacco farmers and decided to open a winery to keep the farm going when the tobacco trade died out. Her brother in law Ed is the wine maker, although various family members all help out.

All of Three Sisters’ wines come from their 2 acres of Muscadine and Scuppernong (a white version of Muscadine), along with acres of blackberries and apple orchards. You’ll most likely find them at festivals south of Richmond. That said, a few out of towners also dropped by during my visit, mostly likely traveling to Virginia Beach or local campgrounds. They are otherwise open on Saturdays – “Or whenever you call!”, according to Susan.

Susan praised Muscadine for being easy for wine making and a good fit for the area’s drinking palate – the locals here seem to enjoy their wine on the sweet side. No food is sold on site, although they have a BBQ grill with picnic tables next to the winery.

What I tried:

2016/2017/2018 Muscadine wine flight: Definitely for sweet wine lovers. The 2017 was the fullest bodied, while the 2018 was least so.

2017/2018 Scuppernong. Super clear – which might make you think its light on alcohol. I’m sure it’s a trap to get you to drink a lot without realizing the bottle is already gone.

Pomegranate/Muscadine blend: The pomegranate notes definitely shine through.

Blackberry wine: Very nice! Had a natural sweetness to it.

Apple wine: Tastes like apple pie.

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