Virginia Bottle Art: Crazy Labels and Great Stories

There are a lot of really creative wine labels out there, but what makes me especially proud of these wines is most of them donate to charity.

Here’s the link to the article in the Old Town Crier:

Virginia Bottle Art: Crazy Labels and Great Stories – Old Town Crier

I especially want to call out the following:

1. Blenheim Vineyards‘ ‘On The Line”, donating to Frontline Foods and the World Kitchen.

2. Forever Farm’s ‘Boykin Blend’ for donating to the Boykin Spaniel Rescue foundation

3. Iron Heart Winery’s ‘Jackpot’ for contributing to the New River Community College Access to Community College Education (ACCE)

4. Pearmund Cellar‘s ‘Black Ops’ for donating to the Code of Support foundation.

5. Walsh Family Wine’s ‘What Will The Women Drink’? for donating to the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Bottle Art: Crazy Labels and Great Stories

  1. Fun article! I especially love Blenheim’s tribute to first responders and Jefferson’s “signature” bottles. It’s interesting to learn about the origins of the other unusual labels as well. FWIW, though, I find Well Hung’s bottles tacky. Maybe I’m just being cranky, but I’m not amused by the “frat-boy” feel and actually haven’t been to their tasting room since my first visit. It’s not up to me to tell them how to label their bottles, but they might be interested to hear that not everyone is charmed by them. Thanks for the article.


  2. I get that. But their retort is understandable; there is loads of sexualized imagery regarding women, and very little regarding men. And comparatively speaking, the “Well Hung” photos are low key, even if the phrasing is tongue in cheek. So turn about is fair play!

    Regarding Jefferson; per an agreement with their neighbors at Monticello, Jefferson is actually authorized to utilize that ‘Jefferson signature’ in their marketing. But I do think the story of the ‘fake Jefferson’ bottles is a fun one, and a lesson about people with too much money on their hands.


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