I’ve visited well over 200 wineries by now; this is just a snapshot of my reviews.

Since I’m often asked this question, these are my “Top 10” wineries. Arterra is my all time favorite, while the next few are all contenders for the #2 spot. The next tier is likewise in no particular order. Special shout-outs to Barboursville’s reserve tasting.

1) Arterra Wines: I’m a HUUUUGE fan of winemaker/co-owner Jason Murray. This place has it all – a cozy tasting room, great service (Jason and his wife are often serving), and most importantly amazing wines.

2) Linden Vineyard: Jim Law is another favorite wine maker of mine. His winery likewise has the same vibe I most enjoy; a little rustic, quiet, and a focus on wines vs. events.

3) Chateau O’Brien: Howard O’Brien is unabashedly about full bodied reds, especially my all time favorite wine – Tannat.

4) King Family: An exception to my policy of preferring small wineries over big ones, King really delivers on its red blends. The view is gorgeous as well.

5) Slater Run: I’ve yet to find a ‘meh’ wine here. No matter if it’s red or white, everything I try I really like to just plain love.

6) Roger’s Ford: They are rather out of the way, which means in order to attract people they have to deliver great wine. Fortunately – they do!

7) Fabbioli Cellars: I love the wines, but just as important are the food pairings. A handful of other wineries do the same, but none as well as here.

8) Muse Vineyard: One of the most diverse vineyards in the state. Great Rhone-inspired wines. 

9) Maggie Malick: The ‘wine cave’ has been a perennial favorite of mine for a long time. Another place that shows that wineries that have tiny tasting rooms make up for it with expecially good wine.

10) Hiddencroft: I’ve been a long time member of this place. Genuine hospitality coupled with an assortment of great wines, including a few fruit wines that are so smooth you’d think they were made with grapes.