Ashton Creek Vineyard

Ashton Creek reminds me of an urban winery. Located about 20 miles due south of Richmond, you pass by several neighborhoods before finding their winery/event center. While generally speaking I find wineries that emphasize the wedding venue part of the business tend to have a poorer selections of wines, my concerns were allayed by an excellent tasting. Well trained, friendly staff too. They are still new, but I think they are going in the right direction.

The interior was nice, and they had a good selection of small dishes like flatbreads & salads, in addition to charcuterie boards. In many ways, it reminded me more of a wine bar vs. a winery. It’s a shame I didn’t plan to have dinner here.

While they have 5 acres of grapes (including some planted in front of their building), for the time being they are getting grapes from Bluestone Vineyard (in the Shenandoah). But Ashton makes its own wine, which I think demonstrates its commitment to making a good product.

In addition to this line up, they had some guest-ciders. As for the wine:

Seyval Blanc: Crisp, citrus or apple notes (my friend & I disagreed on which). I’m not much of a white drinker and even more rarely a Seyval drinker, but I really liked this one.

Traminette: As you expect from this grape, strong floral nose. If you don’t like this grape, theirs won’t change your mind. But if you do, a good selection.

Rose: Strawberry nose, pink color, semi-sweet.

Moscato: This was a surprising edition because I never see this grape, and it was made on the dry side. Great honey & fruit nose, silky body. A winner!

Cab Sav: Dark fruit notes (I got plumb), very dark color. Pretty good

Cab Franc: My tasting notes fail me, but I seem to remember this was the only part of the line up I didn’t care for.

My biggest complaint is they are so short on inventory, they aren’t selling bottles of the Moscato, Rose, or Cab Sav. Hopefully once they settle in, this will soon change.

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