Quattro Goombas

Quattro Goombas – an Italian term for ‘4 friends’ – is a winery/brewery combo near-ish Middleburg. While they don’t have vineyards of their own, they do source some of their grapes from Virginia, with the rest coming from…well…all over!

I visited early on a Saturday but the place was already getting busy. Fortunately the crowd inside cleared out, and soon I had the tasting associate all to myself. Not only that, she very kindly allowed me to sample a few extra items that I might not otherwise have had.

While I didn’t visit the brewery this trip, next time I will. They also make great pizza on site, and changes to Virginia law has made it possible to take your beer and/or wine anywhere on the property. Brewery-winery combos are a new thing in Virginia, but this place is one of the originals.

What I tried:

  • Pinot Gris: Well balanced; clean mouthfeel initially but the fruit came out afterwards
  • Chardonnay: Light oak was noticeable plus bright acid
  • Sorelle (off-dry Riesling): You’d think it’s sweeter than it is, but the grape is fooling you
  • Rose (Lodi, California): Clean with a tint of strawberry
  • Piney River (Chambourcin heavy, w/Cab Franc): Very fruit driven
  • Zinfandel (with an assist with some Cab Sauv and Merlot): No notes on this one!
  • Curico (red blend): Chilian grapes; big and bold
  • Petit Verdot: Virginia fruit; unusually fruity instead of bold like I’m accustomed to
  • Traditione (Washington state and VA fruit): Very rich mouthfeel, made in a bourbon barrel

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