The Virginia Winery Roster

In 2015-ish I decided I wanted to visit every winery in the state. Since this effort required a lot of note-taking, I made an excel spreadsheet of every winery, cidery, and meadery in the state.

As of late December 2020, I count 264 wineries, 27 cideries, and 10 meaderies (see below how I arrived at this number). I rename the spreadsheet according to the current date every time I update it. Because of this, check back periodically as I make new edits all the time.

The VA wine marketing office is very helpful in tracking VA wineries but their lists are still incomplete since new wineries opened so fast they have a hard time tracking them, and some wineries chose not to be included in their maps.

Also, deciding what qualifies as a ‘Virginia winery’ is harder than it seems. Some wineries don’t have tasting rooms; others are so rarely open that it makes visiting them nearly impossible. Some ‘wineries’ are really just tasting rooms for wine made elsewhere in the state. Others are companies that only exist to sell retail. A few make wine but don’t use Virginia grapes, leading to me to wonder if they even qualify as ‘Virginia winery’.

What about cideries and meaderies – which ABC classifies as ‘wineries’ for licensing purposes? And if a cidery had a single wine for sale, was it a ‘winery’ or a ‘cidery’? If a location had any combination of wine, cider and/or mead, which category to put it under?

For the sake of maximum accuracy, I listed every winery, cidery, and meadery I could find in Virginia, even those which lack tasting rooms or were more of a wine ‘company’ than a ‘winery’.

For tracking purposes, I listed them as follows:

  1. If a location had wine using Virginia fruit under their own label, I listed them as a winery.
  2. If a location had cider and/or mead as well as wine using Virginia fruit under their own label, I annotated that they have cider/mead but for tracking purposes I still list them primarily as a winery.
  3. If a location had mead and cider (but not wine), I listed them as a cidery.

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